Size 5 hearing aid battery  - 6 pack panasonic
Size 5 hearing aid battery. This a 6 pack from Panasonic


Size 5 Hearing Aid Batteries

Size 5 hearing aid batteries are hard to find these days. That is because Panasonic, the world’s biggest battery maker, is also the only manufacturer of size 5 zinc air hearing aid batteries.

Energizer has marked the size 5 battery as discontinued.

The size 5 batteries replace these battery models: 5A, 5AE, 5SA, 5UP, B7PA, ME5Z, PR5, PR521, PR5H, R5ZA, S5A, and ZA5.

Size 5 battery microbattery dimensions:

5.8 mm × 2.5 mm = 0.228 inches x 0.098 inches

How does the Size 5 battery compare to other hearing aid batteries 

Here is a visual guide on battery sizes and how the Size 5 battery compares t the other sizes:. 

hearing aid battery sizes

Size 5 battery manufacturers

Panasonic is the only remaining maker of the size 5 battery. Energizer has discontinued it.

Identifying Size 5 batteries

Each type of hearing aid battery has a unique color tab that is removed to activate the battery. Size 5 batteries have a red tab.

How long do Size 5 batteries last?

Size 5 batteries last less than 5 days.

Compare that to:
Size 10 batteries last on average 3-5 days.
Size 312 batteries last on average 5-7 days.
Size 13 batteries last on average 7-10 days.
Size 675 batteries last on average 10-14 days and in some cases up to 21 days.

History of the Size 5 hearing aid battery

The No. 5 zinc-air hearing aid battery became available around 1995. It was introduced with the CIC hearing aids (completely-in-the-canal).

What are other names for the Size 5 hearing aid battery?

There were a number of different size 5 battery brands. Each one had letters around the number 5. They included:

  • PR521
  • 5UP
  • ME5Z
  • 5A
  • R5ZA
  • 5SA
  • S5A
  • ZA5

They are interchangeable in hearing aids that use Size 5 zinc air batteries. 

Details on other hearing aid battery sizes