Customer Reviews

“I liked the time she took with me.”
-Karen D.
“They were very nice.”
-Peter M.
“Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable service. They always took the time to answer any questions surrounding the operation of the devices in a plain and simple manner.”
-Kathy S.
“He was good. He seemed quite thorough and stuff like that and quite congenial.”
-Kenneth H.
“She’s fantastic! I cant say enough good things about her!”
-Carol F.
“Honest. Great information.”
-Mary B.
“I had a hearing test, and was fitted for new hearing aids within one hour. I was impressed from the start. The hearing aids improved my hearing immediately. I wore the hearing aids everyday during the one week free trial, and most of the time I did not realize I was wearing them. They are incredible. The staff are professional, and very knowledgeable regarding hearing devices. I have recommended to a number of friends because of the quality of the hearing aid, and the staff.”
-Noel R.
“Just another ‘Thank you’. The car trip home was much more pleasant. These aids allow me to hear so much more of what I want (people, music, etc) and much less of what I don’t (wind, tire whine, etc). And the BlueTooth is right up my alley. On top of that is your understanding, patience and knowledge in taking care of my ‘last minute’ decision to look for new hearing aids. You are a very serendipitous find!”
-Nik F.
“Imagine walking into a hearing aid facility frustrated about not being able to hear clearly, understand or comprehend those in your business and personal life. Then…walking out that very day with hearing devices perfect for your needs! Professional, competent and CARING…”
-Linda P.
“I haven’t heard this good in years! I would recommend them to everyone!”
-Dorothy E.
“He explained everything so we could understand it. Very informative, very comfortable, very easy to talk to. He was fabulous. Excellent experience.”
-Lois D.
“I have never felt real relief until I found the experts who were more interested in helping me hear than they were in selling the latest gimmick. I found an incredibly new world of hearing.”
-Charlie H.
“I liked his professionalism”
-Detong C.
“Everyone was very friendly. The customer service was great!”
“My experience with my new hearing aids has been fantastic. Because of my advanced age, I realized I had been having trouble with my hearing. Although I had a week to test my new hearing aids, I knew in one day that my hearing was much improved.
At a family gathering I could hear all conversations, something I had not been able to do for some time. It was also much easier to shop for groceries and other duties I had to attend to. “
-Emily D.
“They were thorough and patient”
-Dorothy K.